mimacom Recruiting Team

Miguel GoltermannGermany & USA
Elisabeth GuggisbergHead of Recruitment
Cristina RecioSpain
Carina HenselerSwitzerland

Our Recruitment Process

First Interview

Find out if you and mimacom are a good fit. We'll be your recruitment buddy throughout the whole process.

Technical Interview

We'll assess your technical skills and knowledge based on your experience.

Management Interview

Our managers will get to know you and provide more details about the job itself to initiate the contract negotiations.

Contract signing

If you're groovy, awesome and motivated, you'll find your place within our team!

Apply for our Talent Pool

Do you want to be part of our team, but didn't find the right position? Send us your CV and tell us what you're looking for and what experience you have. Once we find a good match for you, we'll let you know!

Our Talent Pool is a database of the best people who have applied at our company. Applying is an effortless process that can be rewarding for both you and us: it allows you to be contacted for positions that you want, by a company that wants you!

Just send us your CV to: jobs@mimacom.com