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mimacom wins the LIFERAY 2014 innovation award for integrating elasticsearch into LIFERAY.

The elasticsearch index works as a foundation for improved search features, such as auto-complete, synonym- and geo-location search. Advanced data analysis and data visualization with tools like Kibana can now be executed due to the elasticsearch index. The elasticsearch integration is a key element in the Big Data strategy for our clients.

The German LIFERAY Community awarded mimacom during the LIFERAY Portal Solution Forum 2014 for this innovation.


The award is made annually to the Liferay partner who has made a unique and valuable contribution to the Liferay Community over the past year.

mimacom received this accolade in 2012. This was in recognition of the Portletface bridge, which we have been developing for a number of years with the company Triton (USA) and handed over to Liferay in 2012.

We congratulate all employees involved for their excellent work!

The Swiss ICT Award encourages entrepreneurial work and the acceptance of ICT entrepreneurs in society. The award is given to businesspeople who are viewed as models and motivators for entrepreneurs and employees in the ICT sector.

In 2011 and 2012 mimacom achieved second place in the "Public" category and was a finalist in the "Champion" category.

We congratulate all employees involved for their excellent work.

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