Technologies change all the time.
People don't.

mimacom path™ services give you access to extensive know-how in every area – we have experts in every field at your service, from the launch of a new application stack through to the implementation of your first project using Scrum.

Service management in accordance with ITIL

Once a project has been completed, another important part of the application lifecycle comes to the fore: operation and maintenance. mimacom path™ services give you the support you need. From knowledge transfer to total application management, we offer you customized solutions that are tailored to your project.

Consulting and training courses

mimacom path™ services include various package offers for improving your development teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. Over the course of a project, our project managers impart knowledge on methodology, technology and application lifecycle management.

By transferring knowledge, we increasingly pass on our entire sphere of competence with its well-known high quality standard. Know-how should be imparted during the implementation and not be left until the project is completed.

Furthermore, mimacom offers training courses on topics such as Scrum and the technologies used for mimacom path™.

The advantages for you

  • Training on the application and adoption of the mimacom path™ modules
  • Support with the launch and maintenance of software projects
  • Access to highly qualified and established employees
  • Fast and efficient transfer of know-how
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