You want to be Number One.
With open source, your technology is the very best.

Open source technologies offer considerable benefits and are a match for commercial software in every way. In fact, when it comes to an agile approach, open source technology scores highly. Ongoing development, easy integration and the option to customize the product characterize our open source solutions.



mimacom path™ technology provides a flexible framework for the various modular components. This means that when implementing customized software, the concept phase is shortened, the development effort is reduced and risks are minimized. The individual components can be used independently or in any combination required.
Classic tier architecture comes into play here: with a "best-of-breed" selection mimacom uses the best open source providers for the persistence layers, workflows, web representations and portal solutions.

It is important to us that we maintain close contact with the providers of the products and technologies used: mimacom has committer status on all important open source projects of its partners, or has formed strategic alliances. This means that mimacom has direct, easy access to specialist developers.

Since we committed to open source technologies at an early stage, we offer a wide range of know-how and many years of experience. Our particular strength lies in the application and integration of these technologies in concrete projects and system landscapes.

mimacom not only includes open source projects in its range of technology products, but also develops its own modules and components, which are then incorporated in customer projects. Practical and economical relevance make us your competent partner.

The advantages to you

  • A modern and versatile application stack based on open standards
  • Access to current open source technologies, which are constantly being developed
  • A partner who is committed to the open source concept and is close to the community
  • Experts, who are themselves involved in developing these technologies and who can implement this know-how practically
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