You need to optimize your processes.
Let us help you implement them.

BPM solutions allow your organization to document, automate, and otherwise optimize processes, without requiring a cumbersome and expensive infrastructure. Open source BPM perfectly balances your costs and benefits.

We will automate your company’s processes and can also integrate them into your existing applications. We use edoras gear, an element of mimacom path™ technology that is based on Activiti Engine and uses Adaptive Case Management to ensure transparency. With edoras gear, we can design, implement, measure and optimize your processes. Activiti is a lean and thus easy-to-use platform for mapping business processes: with it, we turn process models into executable processes.

We have many years of experience in the field of open source BPM and mimacom has contributed important parts of the current Activiti Engine. We integrate BPM into your existing architecture and systems and support you from the design to the implementation.

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Atupri KBM

Atupri Krankenkasse needed a complaints management system that would allow it to receive and process its customers' requirements more efficiently and effectively.
To meet this requirement, mimacom developed a modern CRM-based portal solution. Due to its modular design, the system is flexible and extendable.

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